Shooting Format: Arri Alexa Plus, RED One MX, Canon C500, Super16
Codec: ProRes 444, REDCODE, Canon RAW, MXF, Fuji Eterna 500T
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 Cinemascope
TRT: 90mins +
South of The River. Directed by Joe Watkins, Produced by Amelia Hansson
Bare Camera and Nordic Visuals in association with Film Maker at large
Handsome, charming rocker Aaron is living life to the full. From his dingy apartment in the depths of Brixton he juggles the usual routine of drink, drugs, gigs as well as his bit on the side, Ainsley. Aided by his bizarre, sexually confused but well meaning friend Jackson, the boys aspire to be the next big thing. Doctor’s appointments fly by, ignored and overlooked by Aaron who has bigger and better things to distract him than the hassle of throat cancer. Then Laura comes into the mix. Beautiful, alluring and very different from anything Aaron has ever known before. She gradually introduces him to the idea that there is more to life… a life worth living for. With the sudden arrival of his long lost ‘ladies man’ dad, Aaron faces the revelation that this tragic man is exactly what he is quickly becoming. Armed with this new found strength, he chooses to get himself back on track and back to life. He finally begins treatment and gradually severs ties with the only past he has ever known. Jackson, along with the larger than life band manager Maloney, arrange for the boys to attend a spiritual retreat, convinced of it’s ‘alternative healing
potential’ with hilarious results. Given the all clear and now a changed man, Aaron begins the final journey…….. across the river.